Overprotective parents dating

The only downside is me and her only went the movies one time. A while back something very bad happen to this girl and it caused her parents to go into super protective parent mode.I cant do anything after school with her because of her parents.My issue lies with my parents, especially my mother, in regard to my current boyfriend.Just for some background information, my mother has always been very protective of me and is always looking out for me because she wants only the best for me.

Both my parents met each other on their wedding day (but that’s a story for a different article).

My mom and dad have made it very clear I was not to look at boys, talk to boys.

Just so you are aware, I am not very familiar with dealing with psychotherapy.

The closest I have ever come to that is meeting with a counselor for a short while in college. I am in a situation that is very important to me, and I really need help.

I am seeking help from a professional rather than just throwing my predicament out there for any “Joe Shmow” to answer.

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Like hold hands in the hallway, walk each other to class, go to school dances together, etc. I chose on my own accord to break up with him a week later because I heard that he smoked marijuana.

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