Jennifer aniston dating derailed co star

I was avoiding the film because of the lower ratings it had received but after several recommendations, I went and saw it and was surprisingly pleased with the whole film from start to finish.

Since splitting with ex-husband Brad Pitt in January, Aniston has been dating her The Break Up co-star Vaughn since August. If all these (pregnancy rumors were true), I should have had 10 babies by now, married five times.Now, in Jennifer Aniston’s first interview since she split from Brad Pitt, she spills her heart, and some tears, to sharing her shock and confusion over Pitt’s liaison with Angelina Jolie, her desire for a family, and her deep, conflicting emotions (anger, hurt, exasperation, tenderness) toward the man she still loves.When Jennifer Aniston opens the door to the Malibu bungalow she’s been holed up in lately, she gives me a radiant smile and an effusive hello. We have scarcely sat down in the living room, a serene little haven simply furnished with cushy white sofas and white flowers and white candles, when her face crumples.That was five years ago, and still, Aniston has remained one of Hollywood’s most polarizing woman.Even when her own husband left her and coincidentally ended up in Angelina Jolie’s arms, many women didn’t come to her defense.

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