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This had been four days earlier and now the executives were becoming frantic.

They would need to send out a search party capable of dealing with the harsh elements and also capable to standing toe to toe with the elusive and fearsome Sasquatch.

She keeps her private life in a low profile as there is no information about her having affairs in social sites.

Finally one spoke up and said “it has been four days, four days, since Josh Gates and Erin Ryder disappeared”.

A week earlier the team from Destination Truth had ventured into the wilds of British Columbia, searching for the elusive Sasquatch.

They both were broke so they dicided to relie on their money together. They considered bagels but scince they were broke that was not an option becaus eof all the expencive pakaging and equipment. However they did not expect the buisness they have today.

Jael de Pardo is a television actress as well as a model.

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