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It’s simply that we’ve got more beauty per square meter than Sahara has sand.

In other words: if you are a guy coming to Bulgaria you will have a very hard time concentrating on anything else but the girls around. And just because I’m really cool I’ll give you some insights.

Here are the few things you need to know about them: Bulgarian girls are not the usual cry babies.

They have been handling life by themselves for quite a while, so unless you are as strong as they are you might be seen as a liability, not an asset. You need to be able to carry shopping bags with the same wise and steady attitude you’ll use to calm her after a tough day at work.

And whether they're scouting to find love mates, or just 'friends with benefits,' most women are secretly hoping to find that special someone. She knows what you're feeling and tries to make you happy. Whether a man like Tom is conscious of punishing a woman for being a bad girl or not, he will inevitably (and subconsciously) punish the good girl as well for giving into everything he wants.

And men tend not to marry women they label as promiscuous. These are his raw words: "A good girl is like a loving dog. The fact is, you're dammed if you do, and dammed if you don't.

Often these myths get repeated constantly in the mainstream media, because of laziness or the success of the feminist narrative. International dating agencies are much more professional, technological changes have made some of the most common scams from the early years impossible, and, although it is odd, some of the changes demanded by the feminist have made it safer for men and women.

Finally, both Western men and women around the world have a more realistic understanding of the pros and cons of seeking a mate overseas. You're about to learn the truths behind the most common myths associated with global dating, so you can make an educated decision on whether or not it's for you. Many people make the assumption that marriages that have resulted from international dating don't last, because the women are simply interested in obtaining legal residency in the United States or another Western country. The sad truth in our society today is that heartbreak and horror stories sell a lot better than stories that touch the heart, so "Green card bride horror stories" sell a lot better than stories about the thousands of happy marriages.

There's also the fact that there's a lot larger pool of potential pairings when you venture outside of your community.

I decided to ask a so-called mate of mine his thoughts on the topic. He is excessively handsome and extravagant to a fault. Is it any wonder why women today are more sexually discriminating than men?

Smarter than most, he's funny, well-educated and charming . Brooke Scelza, a human behavioral ecologist at at UCLA's Anthropology Department, argues that multiple mating may be a way of hedging women's bets in an unstable environment.

She may not be the most exciting in bed, but I know she's not seeing other men. She'll make a good wife and mother." "Now bad girls are wicked," He continues, "They mess with your mind. He stared intensely into my eyes, and with a knowing smile he answered: "You've just got to train good girls to be a little bad." Women may have a difficult time understanding the sexual motives of men who think this way.

The problem is they drink too much, and it's not good for me to get high all the time. I took the high road and asked Tom what he thought could be the solution.

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