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The evening of March 18, 1996, turns to tragedy when a fire broke out in the Ozone Disco nightclub.

There were 162 casualties and 95 injuries due to the stampede.

Razon’s regular free medical missions are achieved through his Mobile Clinic Bus which can reach even far-flung towns in the Philippines.

On January 15, 2008, Razon's morning TV show "Good Morning Kuya" was cited by DOTC then secretary Leandro Mendoza for establishing a public service program "Alay Kay Nanay at Tatay Project" for senior citizens riding the MRT3.

Daniel, through his morning talk show, Good Morning Kuya) started many public service projects such as free medical/dental check-ups and medicines for the indigent.The war for minds surrounding the 2016 elections now seems to be centred on how the last 30 years of “freedom” that was “won” in 1986 stacks up against the 20-year Martial Law regime of former President Ferdinand Marcos.You can see it in how much “lest we forget” messages that aim to “educate” the Filipino youth about the “evils” of Martial Law now flood both new and traditional media timelines and headlines.Some of the victims are unidentified and the owner became responsible for what happened. One of the most controversial treasures of all time and in history is Yamashita's treasure.Some of the treasures of General Tomoyuki Yamashita still exists.

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There is a running gag that Kapatid na Auring answers "wala" every time she is asked by Kapatid na Toto if there are any additional comments to the topic being discussed.

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